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Daye Ambersley

 The Health Ambassador of our community.

Daye Ambersley is an author, certified Health Coach, speaker and Zumba instructor.  Daye received her coaching credentials from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition located in New,York, NY.    Today, Daye operates Byond the Surface Coaching and Wellness, LLC where she is dedicated to seeing her clients become the best version of themselves by giving expert advice, encouragement and lifestyle recommendations. Coaching her clients in the healing process of varying conditions is her passion and honor. Daye's practice is centered around Primary Food a term that refers to the food we don't see on the plate to include relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality.  Daye's latest book Stop the Weight Gain Cycle addresses the mind, body and spirit connections associated with weight gain and the challenges of maintaining weight loss. In addition, Daye has expanded her knowledge with additional certifications in hormonal support and detox coaching.

Daye found her way into health coaching after experiencing a health crisis of her own.  After seeking help from multiple doctors, that seemed confounded by her symptoms, and Daye turned to the healing the healing power of food, supplementation and prayer. Sharing what she has learned by supporting others to a better state of health is now apart of her life's purpose. 

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2851 Jessup Rd. 

P.O. BOX 18, Jessup, MD 20794


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My values: integrity, confidentiality, sincerity and respect.
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