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Corporate Programs

Beyond the Surface Coaching and Wellness, LLC offers a number of programs to engage employees in getting healthier and taking a proactive step towards a increased state of wellbeing. 

Owner and operator, Daye Ambersley, and her team of health coaches, a personal trainer, Y and certified fitness instructors will create and help build a health and wellness culture throughout your organization. Leading the initiative to help your employees have greater satisfaction with their wellbeing and live healthy and happy lives.

Daye and her team are dedicated to establishing and maintaining professional relationships with all employees, while providing confidential coaching services to individuals.  

Coaching and Counseling Picture at Desk.

Core Competencies

  • Knowledgeable about various diet theories

  • Able to lead group fitness sessions

  • Able to help identity corrective actions through one-on one coaching

  • Able to increase overall awareness, and health and wellness, in a positive manner

  • Can guide the transition of lifestyles to, or from, plant based eating

  • Can provide support and guidance for those who are managing chronic disease with medication

  • Can provide health screenings through traditional and holistic methods 

  • Can maintain accurate records for the purpose of health and wellness recommendations 

Employee Programs

  • Employee Health Passport Program

  • Health and Wellness Workshops

  • Team Building Activities 

  • Group Discovery Sessions

  • Group Fitness Sessions

  • One on one Coaching Sessions

  • Employee Accountable Pairing

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My values: integrity, confidentiality, sincerity and respect.
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