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Three Simple Ways to Clean up Your Eating, Manage Blood Sugars and Get Healthier

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

In my book Stop the Weight Gain Cycle I touch on this common question of where to start or the how to incorporate healthy lifestyle practices right where you are. These my sound familiar as they are simple and easy ways to get started on the road to wellness.

Hack# 1 Eat Less Processed Foods and added Sugars

It is true the closer your food is to the source meaning its original state (freshness) the healthier and more nutrient dense that food well be. Food is fuel for the body, how the major organs run and optimally function is attributed to the quality of foods we eat daily. Keeping processed foods to a minimum will increase the efficiency of the body all the way down to cellular reproduction. Not to mention the benefits like better gut and digestive health because breaking down the chemically laced ingredients found in processed foods is hard for the body to digest and for many people leads to gut imbalance, due to the lack of whole foods necessary to keep good and bad gut bacteria in check.

Processed foods often have a ton of added sugars that overtime wreck the balance of the endocrine system, especially in woman by over burdening the pancreas. A quick overview, the pancreas pumps out too much of the hormone insulin into body, the body's blood sugars remain high and puts you at greater risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Reducing sweeten drinks and soda can greatly improve these functions in your body and help prevent disease.

Hack #2 Increase Fruits and Leafy Greens

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." I remember hearing that saying as a child and is a true statement as it relates to cleaning up a diet that maybe overwhelmed by sugars, additives, preservatives, and other hidden harmful fillers. Skipping the fruit snacks and eating the apple or blue berries instead keeps you closer to the source and allows you to add the taste of sweetness to your day without getting all the added junk of processed fruit snacks. Although the body sees fruits as sugar, fruits also have natural fiber that allows the body to digest it slowly and avoid those crazy spikes in blood sugar that happen when you a refined processed version. Eating darker colored fruits like blue and black berries are low glycemic.

Have you ever heard you should have something green in your plate at every meal? Well, making sure you are eating 2-3 servings a day of leafy greens can helps manage blood sugar levels by providing fiber to the body during digestion which help slow the blood sugar levels and prevents spikes. In addition, leafy greens have fiber and enzymes needed improve bowel function, colon health and gut health by promoting good gut bacteria. Simply adding a small salad to your lunch, dinner or tossing then in your morning eggs for a power pack punch of flavor, vitamins, and minerals. Dark leafy greens like Kale, Collard and Arugula can help the bodies clotting ability and loads of vitamin C to support immune functions.

Hack#3 Increase Water Intake

Let’s start with a fact that most people are familiar with, the body is made up of 60% percent water. Our blood plasma is made up of 90 percent water and adequate hydration will also help the body manage the affect sugars and high glycemic foods have on blood sugar levels. Staying hydrated can be the key to losing those few extra pounds or getting your that pep back in your step from lack of energy. Water can give you a second wind while you are taking that last lap around the track. Water is something the body cannot live without and ensuring you have the right amount of H20 in the body is a simple and easy way to get closer to a healthier lifestyle.

When body has enough water to preform properly it is key to a healthy body and mind since the brain is made of 73% water. Water help flush out the extra junk hiding in those processed foods and drinks that have no use for the body. So, it is just that simple, cleaning up your eating and managing blood sugars does not have to be complicated at all. Reducing processed foods and beverages, increasing whole foods like leafy greens and fruits, and adding more water to your day are all easy ways to live a healthy lifestyle!

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